25 hours later… we made it to Thailand

We’re three flights down!

Our first flight was delayed about an hour, which wasn’t a big deal, because we had a 3 hour layover scheduled at JFK… until we got to JFK and learned we had to leave security, take a train to Terminal 1, go back to the Air China desk, and back through security before we could even get an over-priced & under cooked airport meal.

{here’s a pic from our first flight, bright-eyed and ready to take on the day}

Our first flight went smoothly though, and we made it on to our second flight, which was a 14 hour journey over the North Pole (Hi Santa!!) to Beijing.

{here’s a pic from the start of our longest leg, notice how we aren’t totally disheveled… yet}

Between our landing in Beijing and departing for Bangkok, we only had a 55 minute layover, in which time we needed to exit through customs, go back through security and get to our gate (we landed at E26 and departed from E28, so it should not have been that far). We ended up sprinting to catch the flight and my good deed for the day was informing the ticketing agent at the gate that another family was still stuck at security and needed to get on the flight.

Securely aboard our third flight of the day (and going in to our 20th hour of travel, not including getting to ATL this morning), I was asleep before we even took off.

They fed us, again! We were pretty pleasantly surprised by all of the food that Air China fed us throughout our 19 hours on board their jets. From scheshwan peppers used in one meal to the pretty decent duck, which served as our Thanksgiving dinner, we ate well! (I have no idea how I’m still hungry)and now… the downside. It was only a 55 minute layover (but the gates were also only 2 doors apart and a bunch of other people were on the same connection!)

Our luggage, those two wonderful backpacks we were so pleased with, did not make the transfer.

This morning (as it is currently 01:44 am here in Bangkok), we depart for Chiang Mai to attend the Yi Peng festival tonight. According to the airline representative, “luggage never makes the connection from Beijing to Bangkok on this airline”… <helpful>

She did tell us that our luggage will likely arrive on the 6pm flight tonight (but we obviously won’t be here) and it will be delivered to our hotel in Bangkok tomorrow. So here’s hoping ūü§ěūüŹĽ!

We packed a few essentials in our smaller carry-on packs and may need to pick up a few things (uhmmm mascara?!) in Chiang Mai or behind security here at the airport.

Thanks for checking in! Looking forward to sharing the rest of our trip with you :)!