Chiang Mai (Thailand- Day 1: Morning)

What a day, what a day! We landed around 7:30 this morning and instantly caught a “Grab” (like Uber) to our hotel (@ Chiang Mai Hotel- highly recommend). The ride was smooth and it gave us good practice learning how to communicate with the locals.

Without any luggage, we didn’t need to go to the hotel, but thought it was worth a shot to see if we could get in super early. No dice, but the folks were super nice and said we could still get in by 11.

Instead, we ventured off to find breakfast at Angel’s Secrets Cafe…

First food in #ChiangMai! A handmade buttered croissant and fruit smoothie from #AngelsSecretsCafe. The smells coming from the kitchen are as heavenly as the name suggests 😇. But the real star here is the fruit spread next to the butter, it is some kind of passion fruit mixed with another fruit that is incredibly delicious!Next Stop:

Wandering around markets! (I love shopping & Kyle actually had a good time too!)

So the airline lost our checked luggage (at least it didn’t make it to Bangkok and they don’t know where it missed the connection), so we had to leave for Chiang Mai without it. Thankfully we had a few essentials (fresh underwear, toothbrushes, and ibuprofen) in our carry-on packs, so we trekked on without. Honestly, it was a good thing! Lugging those packs for such a short jump would have been a bit annoying and this way, we got to buy some sweet #ElephantPants!! (Along with 2 shirts for Kyle, a tank & purse for me, sun block, and toothpaste. All of this totaled less than $30USD)

I think I’ve mentioned this, but if not, this trip was inspired by Phil Rosenthal’s (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) trip to Thailand during the first season of his Netflix show “Somebody Feed Phil.” We’re trying to see how many of the same places we can check out.

Khan Soi from the same restaurant that @phil.rosenthal are at in his #NetflixAndPhil show #SomebodyFeedPhil. {{Thank you for inspiring this trip, Phil!!}}

I think Kyle’s expression says it all 🥰

Finally, we made our way back to the hotel for a much needed nap, making sure to take pictures of every adorable elephant statue & grab a smoothie on the way.