Floating Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai (Thailand- Day 1: Evening)

on a suggestion from Kyle’s parents (hi Bruce & Amy!), we picked up a copy of the Fodor’s Travel Guide to Thailand and, while reading the first few pages, Kyle learned that the annual Yi Peng Festival would be happening in Thailand during our trip. What a wonderful coincidence. This is a Lanna Festival meant to celebrate the full moon.

At first we thought that we would enjoy the festivities during our timing in Bangkok (as that was where we were scheduled to be on Friday 23-Nov), but then we learned that in the central and southern parts of Thailand, the festival is celebrated by floating candles in rivers, which is beautiful… butttttt, not what we were expecting.

In a slapdash hurry, we rearranged our schedule so that we could be in Chiang Mai for this festival. Almost all of the tickets were sold out, but we found one company (Insight Thailand Tours) who still had some available. The tickets seemed like a good deal, and we didn’t see any negative reviews, so we purchased. Then, while waiting for the company to pick us up, we found several new google reviews from the night before which said that they never came to pick up the tourists. We instantly called for a Grab (Uber) and made our way to the festival ourselves. Gearing up for the Yi Peng Festival in #ChiangMaiThailand… its gonna get lit (I couldn’t resist 🤪)

Now… what we were most exited for!