Chinatown {Thailand- Day 2: Nighttime}

Our first night in Bangkok was a light exhausting. We got all checked in to our first hotel, The Conrad Bangkok (using points, thanks dad!), and I instantly fell asleep, hard.

But we rallied and went out, heading toward Chinatown (Yaowarat) & Sampheng Market.

Pad Thai from the street vendors!
Pork gyoza from Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand How incredibly delicious do those look?!

After only a few bites, we were beat. To be fair, Chinatown was more than a little overwhelming. Before we left though, Kyle spotted bags of passion fruits for only 40 Thai Baht (that’s about $1.30–to put it in perspective, a single passion fruit from HEB costs $5.00). Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with passion fruits- so we bought the entire bag and ate one as soon as we got back to the hotel.

{{Chinatown taught us an important lesson about planning a trip to Thailand… you cannot just wander aimlessly!}}

We also took our first Tuk Tuk ride! It wasn’t nearly as scary as everyone made it sound. I really enjoyed it because I love going fast and feeling the wind. Kyle “pulled a Katy” and fell asleep for a second inside the Tuk Tuk 🤪.

We were back at the hotel around 22/23:00 and ready to pass out.

On Day 3, we started out with a floating market, check back in.