Floating Markets {Thailand- Day 3: Morning}

Today, we hired a tour guide from With Locals. This site is so neat because you can watch videos of potential guides and pick the right one for you. I’m pretty certain we picked the first one we saw, haha. But for $50USD/person, we got a private guide for 4 hours, and 1 meal + 1 fruit salad + beverage (1/each).

Wachinee “Moddy” turned out to be incredible!!!

We met Moddy at the Sky Train station and she took us in a Taxi (our first real taxi) to the Ladymom Floating Market. It’s interesting because, unlike the larger market (which is a popular tourist destination, and far out of town), we didn’t actually buy the food on the boats, but from the dock. People were on boats selling their goods and foods from right there!

Moddy and our “captain” took us on a tour through the jungle along the canals And told us the history of the market and adjoining farms. Many are family farms that use organic farming for the fruits, fish, and other foods needed for their dishes.

Y’all… and ENTIRE passion fruit juice (I got another one on the way out)
Lotus Flower 🌺
She’s cooking Pad Thai on a boat!
Pad Thai that was cooked ON a boat and we ate it on ours!
Kyle trying Jackfruit
We’re on a boat!
Moddy was adorable & knowledgeable! She took pictures of us everywhere, which was much appreciated & very fun!
Green curry from the floating market
I don’t remember if this was round 3 or 4 of food, but we were STUFFED afterwards!
“the polite bridge” because you have to bow politely to get under it
Our green curry
Toppings for the green curry