Shopping in Bangkok {Thailand- Day 3: Afternoon}

Our morning tour ended around 12:30 pm & with Moddy putting us on a Sky Train, completed with detailed suggestions and directions for the remainder of the day.

We started by going to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which was fascinating! I don’t think I got any pictures, I was just so engaged in shopping and wandering. The market is this massive plot with isles and rows, some covered… if you go really deep, you can find furniture shops, and dish stores. It seems like a place where locals, interior decorators, and tourists can all shop! There’s also tons of food options, but we were so stuffed from the morning at the Ladmayom Floating Market, that we couldn’t possibly imagine eating more here. We did get a bottle of funny OJ, it was super yummy!

Across the street is the Aor Tor Kor fruit market, where Moddy told us we could find the best durian in the city. Station 6/30, if you’re wondering 😁. It was surprisingly good! So many people say it’s stinky– it’s not even allowed on public transit or airplanes! But, I think it’s the outside that’s smelly, the meat of the fruit didn’t smell to us. It was pretty good!! Not my favorite, but decent for sure.

Looking forward to trying “the stinkiest fruit on earth”
Kyle trying Mangosteen for the first time
Aor Tor Kor fruit market

After such a packed morning and afternoon, we checked in to our second hotel in Bangkok, Banyan Tree Bangkok, which was lovely! (Check back later for the review)

Flower bracelet from the hote

Oof! Sorry these have taken so long to upload, everything has been so much fun, we have barely had time to sit down and look at pictures, much less upload and write about them. But we hope you’re enjoying following our adventures. Check back in later for more!