Dinner at Err & the Flower Market {Thailand- Day 3: Bangkok at Night}

After an insanely busy morning with Moddy and visiting three markets before the afternoon was up, we needed a little down time at the hotel to prepare for the meal we were most excited for…..


The head chef is a woman, who has been rated as the best female chef in Asia and I can see why! Every single bite was delicious and the cocktails were perfectly crafted.

‘The Err’

Around the corner from Err is the Flower Market. In fact, Err offers a discounted Tuk Tuk ride to the market for interested couples– something we learned about after we walked to the market). Here, vendors have hundreds of thousands of flowers for sale. They were bunched in all different configurations, some premade into displays that hotels and restaurants will use today for their decorations, tons of bouquets that florists will use. It also smelled just as beautiful as it looked!

Moddy suggested that we go to the Cafe at the back of the flower market that is sort of hidden, but we were wayyy too full, maybe if we pass by that area again we will check it out.