Relaxing with the Reclining Buddha {Thailand- Day 4: Morning}

Sunrise at The Banyan Tree

I was having a seriously hard time sleeping. So I went down to the pool deck and caught a lovely sunrise.

Finding a ride to the reclining Buddha was no easy task, two Grab drivers cancelled because they don’t like driving in that area, then it took three taxis until one would finally take us! They all said there was terrible traffic, but we had a fine time actually getting there, it was surprisingly little traffic.

The reclining buddha statue was HUGE! 

After visiting Wat Pho, we opted to go to the backpackers’ village/street, Khao San, which was VERY reminiscent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA.

It was neat, in a “I can see why backpackers like it” kind of way. While there, I got a henna tattoo of a cute little elephant (almost a week later, it’s still here- yay!).

We also stopped for lunch at a place that clearly turns in to a night club when the sun goes down. Our plan was just to get drinks, but the menu looked good, and the food was surprisingly tasty!

Yes, these look like a normal size beer and cocktail, don’t they?! Check out this picture of me holding my “bucket cocktail” (yes, that’s actually what it’s called) for reference on the size. This cocktail was only $10.

And of course, my new favorite mode of transportation: Tuk tuk.