Walt Disney World with Kids {Series}

If you’ve followed this series on Instagram, then you probably already know where it’s going, but I’ll be sharing my favorite tips for traveling with the kids to Disney World.



What’re your top tips for going to WDW with kids? What blogs/instagram accounts to you use to help you plan? I’ll also be featuring plenty of those this week!!


My first TIP: if you’re doing any kind of makeover with the kids, whether at Pirates of the Caribbean or at Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique, I recommend booking that appointment for earlier in the day, around mid morning. Get your rope drop rides in (see @livingbydisney for more ropedrop tips) and then it’s the perfect way to get everyone relaxed for 15-30 minutes. Everyone gets to sit down in shade and air conditioning- which is fantastic!!


Disclaimer: I went on 2 separate trips with kids this past year, once with my brother’s family (2 kids ages 2, 4) and our parents; then another with my sister’s family (pictured here from L to R Jude-7, Collins- 5, Callahan- 3, Dublin- 8), our parents, and Kyle. So there were plenty of adults to kids that the kids were never overwhelming. But there were times where coordinating that many people was definitely challenging!!