Restaurant Review: The Boathouse

While strolling through Disney Springs on a Sunday morning in April, doing some last-minute shopping before hitting the road, I realized that I wanted a truly memorable lunch. The weather was gorgeous, and I was in the mood for some seafood. Sadly all of the restaurants serving sushi were closed, but that ended up being a wonderful accident because it meant that I got to eat at The Boathouse!

Of course, I was drawn in by the nautical themed shop which, at least at one point, was a Tommy Bahama retailer. They have the most wonderful beach-themed accessories and goodies. Definitely a must-shop, even if there’s nothing with a special mouse embroidered in sight.

Upon entering The Boathouse, I was greeted by a charming 1940s style Oyster Bar, which perfectly fit the theme of the restaurant. While it did make me crave oysters, I was much more tempted by what I saw past the bar…

They have a Dockside Bar! I walked across a dock to this adorable extension of The Boathouse and grabbed a lake-side table.


I started with a margarita…. I was ready to not have anything else to drink after the Flower & Garden Festival on Saturday,


Oysters! I love oysters. A perfect portion size for one.


The scallops on grits was INCREDIBLE! I wanted to eat every single bite, but I was so stuffed, I couldn’t finish it. The corn flavors played nicely and the scallops were perfectly seared and seasoned so the outsides were packed with flavor and the insides soft and succulent.

Where’s your favorite place to eat at Disney Springs? Tell me below in the comments!

Check out this view from my lake-side seat at The Dockside Bar
Have you ridden in one of these floating cars? I haven’t yet, but it’s definitely on my someday list!

I’m currently working on a complete list of Dining options at Disney World- as inspired by the Instagram account: @DisneyAtoZ. Once it’s completed, you can check out that list here. I’ll be keeping it updated and linking to individual reviews like this one!