Gift Guide for your Globetrotting Gal

For the Disney Darling

I would happily identify as a Disney Darling

The Disney Darling plans visits to see Mickey at the drop of the hat, she’s already got four trips planned this year, but will jump at any discounted flight to get her booty back to Orlando or Los Angeles! The Disney Darling shops small, wears ears, eats churros, and can sing along to any ride theme music.

Honestly, the best way to go here is a Disney Gift Card, your Disney Darling will be incredibly grateful! These cards can be used at any Disney Store, online, or anywhere on property. That means that you could be contributing to their next park ticket, hotel stay, castle luncheon, or favorite stuffed animal. Usually, I don’t like to promote gift cards because they feel impersonal, however, for a Disney Darling, a gift card is truly a key to the kingdom. Bonus! Pick up the gift card at your local grocery store & use a cash back credit card like this American Express that gives 6% cash back at grocery stores! Or pick it up at Target using your RedCard which gives you 5% off every day!

If you don’t want to get a gift card for your Disney Darling, I recommend some small shops!

My current favorites are:

My favorite Once Upon a Tee Shirt

For the Eco Explorer

Eco Explorers love to get outside and see themselves as part of the world.

The Eco Explorer doesn’t only thrive in nature, she can appreciate the finer things too, but all the while, she understands the impact that travel has on Mother Nature and knows that using straws can harm our precious marine life. Get your Eco Explorer some travel accessories that will help minimize her affect on planet earth.

For the Resort Relaxer

I’m not that great at relaxing, frolicking on the beach is about as close as I get.

The resort relaxer has one mission and one mission only, to maximize her relaxation factor. Whether it’s poolside at a 5-star resort, or on her favorite panhandle beach, the Resort Relaxer knows how to tune out the world and soak up the sun. Gift her some adorable accessories to boost her spring vacays!

For the Fitness Fanatic

I love getting outside while traveling, hiking is one of the best ways to stay fit while traveling!

Some people really enjoy getting to know a new city by jogging through it, others travel a lot for work and want to stay fit on the road. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a ClassPass gift card for your Fitness Fanatic, she will love getting to try a yoga class when dealing with a difficult client, or exploring a local park through a group class. Other ideas for your Fitness Fanatic include:

For the Destination Diva

Lahaina is one of the cutest towns on Maui! It’s definitely a destination to aim for!

Destination Divas are all about getting as many passport stamps as possible! She can discuss Manhattan museums, European countrysides, Asian street food, and South American mountains with the best of ‘em. She knows that having the perfect passport cover and crossbody bag are imperative for any day out. Get your Destination Diva a purse that can hold a camera, some comfortable but cute walking shoes, a new passport cover, or European wallet! The Destination Diva isn’t just about the destination, she understands that the journey is part of the adventure, you can’t go wrong with a carry-on cocktail kit to help make her overseas flight more enjoyable!

For the Boss Lady

I don’t have lots of pictures from my work trips, but at least I’m in a blazer in this one!

The boss lady’s one busy gal, whether she’s running her own firm, crushing it in court, managing multiple media accounts, she keeps her schedule tight. Consider gifts to help with her productivity or to manage stress. If she’s old school (like me) consider a paper planner and a nice set of pens, if she’s in to technology, consider Timeular, a six-sided pyramid to help with time tracking and management, or noise cancelling headphones to keep our background sounds. If she’s a bit of a stress cadet (also like me) consider a set of travel size candles, bubble bath, or adult coloring book (like this silly one, or this one which doubles as a gift for you Disney Darling). 

For the fashionable boss lady, consider a pair of Banana Republic Madison 12-hour Pump (yest they really are comfy after 12 hours!!) or a Stitch Fix gift card! If you opt for the blazer route, make sure the blazer has at least one functional pocket!

For The Frequent Flier & the Budget Babe

Whether you’re a Delta loyalist or a Spirit saver, everyone enjoys a good vacay!

The Budget Babe and the Frequent Flier are two sides of the same coin.  While both travel as often as possible, the Frequent Flier sticks with her fave airline and will pay the extra penny, she racks up miles and knows when to use them. On the other hand, the Budget Babe does not fear the stiff seats and personal item limitation, she is an expert at hunting down deals and gathering big savings!

Be cautious of gifting big travel accessories to the Budget Babe, there’s a good chance she only takes a personal item with her on most trips! Your Frequent Flier on the other hand probably has so much status that she can check bags on bags for free- she could also probably use a new luggage piece!

For the Gram Girl

Creating Content was definitely one of the ways Kyle convinced me to do this 22-mile round trip hike!

She’ll do anything “for the ‘gram”- she’ll step out to any ledge, taste any food, and hop on any midnight flight if it means getting that next great shot!

Treat your Gram Girl to some editing software light Adobe Lightroom, memory makers such as an adventure camera like a GoPro or a selfie stick that doubles as a tripod; a lit LuMee phone case to make selfies pop; or a handheld ring light to improve even the darkest of food photos!

For the Local Tourist

My favorite unique spot is SOS Tiki Bar in Decatur! If you’re in town, check it out!!

The Local Tourist is one of the most adventurous spirit out there! She may like staying close to home, but she’s no homebody- she likes exploring unique eats, botanical gardens, nearby hikes, and finding fun places for a GNO!

Try finding new activities for her to try, tickets to the local botanical garden, food festivals, theme parks, museums, aquariums, and more! Search #Staycay + City on Instagram for activities to feel like you’re on vacation! Check out #StaycayAtlanta here!

Not quite sure what kind of Globetrotting Gal your special lady is? We’ve got you covered!

Of course for your Globetrotting Gal, you can never go wrong with a Visa or Amazon gift card. Whether she’s a Frequent Flier, a Budget Babe, or a Destination Diva, you can’t go wrong with a gift card for her home airline. If she’s based out of Phoenix or Atlanta, go for a Southwest Airlines Gift Card. If her home airport is Houston, Newark or Denver, snag a United Airlines Gift Card. Similarly, Airbnb and gift cards are sure to make your Globetrotting Gal smile!

Let me know what kind of Globetrotting Gal you are! Or what you’re getting for your Gal this Christmas!