Sometimes I Quarantine: 3 Ways to Stay Active

While practicing social distancing, there are so many things that you can do, I’ll gather a whole list here on the blog, but in the meantime, you can check out the list on Instagram! Today we’re talking about ways to stay active while keeping at least 10 feet away from those you don’t live with. As a bonus, a lot of these can be done from the “comfort” of your own home (just in case you’ve been ordered full quarantine).

1. Hiking + Walking

I’ve been loving hiking every day, it’s been great to get some fresh air & some days some vitamin D!

Hiking (or going for long walks) is a great way to stay active while practicing social distancing, you can get some fresh air, soak up some vitamin D, and get in a workout. While the National & State Parks are still open, we’re going to Kennesaw Mountain every morning (we do the trail to the top twice, making it four miles). To find trails in your area, check out the AllTrails website & app.

We finally saw the sun this morning (first time in five days!) and it was a beautiful sunrise!

To make it more of a workout, we’ve been using our poles and weighing down our backpacks (Kyle with potting soil & me with books), but I also ordered some ankle weights to add a little more of a workout!

2. Home workouts!

Savanna Jimenez is the queen of at-home workouts! You can check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Yoga is always a great home option that doesn’t require any equipment if you don’t have any or don’t want to use any! Plus, it’s de-stressing, and stretchy!

Tone It Up offers web workouts on your computer or on the go, this is a great way to keep active and get in a workout at home. ToneItUp is also offering this month totally free right now due to the coronavirus spread! Visit the ToneItUp website here and if you’re on your phone, grab the app!

ClassPass is allowing you to roll-over all unused credits until June 1 due to boutique studios’ closings. However, they’re still offering ClassPass Live! This is another great app to use for home work out videos (bonus, you can “cast” the workouts to your SmartTV or streaming device. These are also a fun way to Stay Connected while Socially Distancing yourself- text a buddy or two and all do the same workout at the same time!

PopSugar Fitness is one of my favorite resources for finding good at-home & body weight workouts! They’ve got videos, printouts, and healthy recipes- I’ve been using these for years. There’s even an app!

Equipment For Home Workouts

We’ve recently ordered a lot of this equipment since Kyle typically relies on his gym and I typically use ClassPass to attend studios. As they come in, I’ll keep you posted on how we’re using our home-gym set!

For home yoga workouts, it’s basically the same equipment that you would use in the studio, a yoga mat, strap, blocks, if you really want to get in to the stretches, you might want to check out a wheel.

For home pilates workouts, you may want some of the same items above, you may want a set of resistance loop bands, resistance bands, slide discs, and pilates ring + mini ball to help with some of the strengthening workouts.

For weighted workouts, if you prefer heavier weights, this adjustable set of dumbbells are a great option so you can keep upping the weights as you gain strength! A balance ball (or BOSU) is a great substitute for a bench when you don’t have access to one. I don’t so much care about upping my weights, and would rather get some cute ones that I’ll use for a while even after this quarantine sitch is over, so I’m ordering a set of dumbbells from Amazon Basics, but if those aren’t your preferred weights, you can get individual pairs with this link: click here.

Kyle made a home-gym set up using a few pieces of equipment and some things he had around his office and in his trunk!

3. Active video games like Just Dance & Sports Party

There can be a lot of fun ways to use your video games to get moving! We’ve got the NintendoSwitch gaming system and Just Dance 2019 game (get the 2020 version here) that’s helped us get moving at night! Based on Color Me Courtney‘s suggestion, we also got these handy dandy wrist bands for our controllers so we don’t have to hold on to them while dancing!

We definitely played a lot of Just Dance on my family vacation last summer! It’s a fun way to get the whole family up & moving!

If you don’t like dancing, try this SportParty game!

What other ways have you found to stay fit while avoiding gyms & studios? Let me know in the comments!

Note: I am not trying to body shame anybody! All that matters to me is that you’re happy in your own skin :). This is merely meant to show different things you can do while still being socially distant, and also, while body health is super important for fighting off sickness!