The Ultimate Christmas Staycay

Your December should be whatever you want it to be; but in years past, I have frequently found myself sitting around doing nothing, wishing that I made more of my holidays, did more holiday-y things, spent more time with loved ones, and filled myself with more Christmas Cheer! Whether you’re dashing off to far flung places, sailing in to the sunset, spending time with family, … Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Staycay

9 Ways to Destress over the Holidays- at Home & on Vacay

It’s that time of year: your work is piling up and you’ve got strong deadlines, but you’ve also got vacation days coming up so you need to finish that report ASAP, but everyone who needs to provide you with data is already on leave… Your family has taken over your house and you’re stuck sleeping in the kids’ room… You were planning a tropical escape, … Continue reading 9 Ways to Destress over the Holidays- at Home & on Vacay

8 Types of Holiday Parties to Throw!

1. Glitzmas! Consider throwing a classy Christmas party and get all dolled up! His: Sport Coat | V-neck | Jeans | Loafers Her: Hair Extensions | Same Dress in Black-Silver | Champagne Corksicle | Similar Shoe 2. (a) Dinner Party Celebrate with a small group of friends and make a Christmas feast! We opted for Cassoulet & Cheesecake! 2. (b) Potluck Dinner Party Throw a … Continue reading 8 Types of Holiday Parties to Throw!

It’s the Most Productive Time of the Year

Good Morning y’all!! As you know, sometimes I travel for work, and Sometimes I Vacay. Sadly, it’s not always one or the other. I’m frequently just in Atlanta- business as usual. This time of the year, it’s so difficult to maintain an adequate level of productivity, but I do have some tips to help you on your way! 1. Holiday Shopping Take advantage of online … Continue reading It’s the Most Productive Time of the Year

Staycay the December Blues Away

December can be rough, it’s chilly outside, often overcast & dreary, and frequently overrun by too much family. BUT it’s all about perspective: you could choose to look at December’s roughness as a way to finish out your year strong before getting to start over in January, view the weather the way the Norwegians do as an excuse to stay cozy and warm, and cherish … Continue reading Staycay the December Blues Away

Gift Guide for your Globetrotting Gal

For the Disney Darling The Disney Darling plans visits to see Mickey at the drop of the hat, she’s already got four trips planned this year, but will jump at any discounted flight to get her booty back to Orlando or Los Angeles! The Disney Darling shops small, wears ears, eats churros, and can sing along to any ride theme music. Honestly, the best way … Continue reading Gift Guide for your Globetrotting Gal