Where to Eat- O’ahu

Note, the following restaurants are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference. Additionally, as we continue to visit Hawaii and experience more restaurants, we will continue to update this post.


We didn’t have the best experience at Azure- it was basically overpriced cocktails. But we sat on the roof. But it was a low (like 2nd/ 3rd story) roof and it was also windy…. So the views weren’t really worth the chill. Just trying to be 100% honest 🙂

I have heard great reviews of the restaurant however, and would consider going back. We visited Azure on our first night on O’ahu in 2017.

Cuckoo Coconuts

Okay this place was PERFECT! It was the absolute best kitschy tiki bar that we could ask for! They had live music that was actually GOOD, silly drinks that came in fun glassware, and cheap bar food. Kyle got his first Mai Thai of the trip!

We visited Cuckoo Coconuts on our first night in O’ahu back in 2017 and plan on returning to celebrate Kyle’s birthday this year!


Nico’s Pier 38

This one is a touch out of the way. But it was the BEST fish that we had in Hawaii, and we had a TON of pretty amazing fish (Kyle said it was 100% the best raw fish, bar none, that he’s ever had in his entire life!).

We went to Nico’s both on our second day on O’ahu and returned on our last day!! So, obviously, we think it’s completely worth going there.

If you’re not into raw fish, they also have a restaurant with cooked foods and fishes :). It’s a cool place and if you sit outside, you can see some docks and piers and stuff. Pretty neat and seems like a mostly-local place.

Cost:Parking: Free. Poke Bowls: (~.5-1.o lb fish) $15. Total: ~ $30.


Maui Brewing Co.,

Sadly, this was not the actual brewing company, just a restaurant. It’s basically like going to Taco Mac. But it’s also a must-do if you’re in Hawaii. We went both on our first night and back on our last night on O’ahu and got a fun glass-set! Another plus: they have a “mocktail” menu, which I really respect since (1) there’s a lot of driving in Hawaii and (2) it makes this restaurant both pregnancy- and kid-friendly. We are hoping to visit the original brewing in Maui on our trip this year!


Moku Kitchen

This was a very casual-dining experience in this neat little shopping center that looked like it had been constructed out of shipping crates. It’s by Peter Merriman, who has several other restaurants scattered across the islands, and we’re determined to someday visit all of them! We went with friends to Moku Kitchen on our second night in O’ahu.

It combines traditional Hawaiian, polynesian, and southeastern asian flavors. Get the duck tacos. You won’t regret it! Kyle’s been trying to replicate them ever since!

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Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha. IG.

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