Sometimes I Quarantine: with Merida

Oh how special Brave is to me… premiering three days before my 20th birthday, my mom and I saw this together, she was prepared to fall asleep during it, and by the end, we were both in tears! My mom is the most important person in the world to me and it was so special getting to see this movie with her! We’ve watched it … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Merida

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel

There is so much I want to say about Tangled, but oh where to begin…. Premiering in 2010 right on the heels of Princess and the Frog, I feel like Rapunzel kind of overshadowed Tiana. Not only was Rapunzel Disney’s first white princess since Belle (Belle-1991; Jasmine-1992; Pocahontas-1995; Mulan-1998; Tiana-2009), but Tiana was also Disney’s first princess in the new animation style, Tangled’s animation style … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Ariel

Disney’s The Little Mermaid premiered in 1989 after a 30-year break from princess movies, a tail (teehee) about a head-strong mermaid who chooses legs and love over the freedom of the ocean and family (I know, didn’t I make that sounds like a happy ending?)- kicked off the Renaissance of Disney Animation! Ariel has her own grotto (where you can meet her in her mermaid tail) and dining experience in DisneyLand, a ride at both parks, several meet-and-greet locations throughout both, a live action show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and even a resort at The Art of Animation. On top of those attractions, there were two sequels and tv series with 3 seasons- all of that to say that there are so many DisneyBounds that can be inspired by all things The Little Mermaid.

Sometimes I Quarantine: With Princesses! This series within a series really started as a way for me to keep my spirits lifted while completely socially distancing. Watching the movies gave us something to do during that afternoon slump, trying to think of an activity to match gave us another (we don’t always have a matching activity, but we’re trying!), taking the movie in to account while deciding what to eat that day helps us think of fun and new ideas for food options, and doing a daily DisneyBound encouraged me to wear more than just PJs while working from home! I highly encourage the last one, it’s been super fun- if you want to see any other DisneyBound outfits that I’ve done, you can find them here!

Day 4: The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Little Mermaid Food & Bev – Fishes!

Of course, for The Little Mermaid we opted for seafood! I made this quick rustic white bread in my Mickey Mouse Le Creuset, and Kyle made homemade Gravlax– perfect for a midweek brunch on the balcony of avocado toast and gravlax! Then for dinner, we tried making a new fish, red snapper (I think we had a bad cut or something because neither of us were big fans), with mango salsa and coconut rice (recipes coming soon!).

The Little Mermaid Quarantivity – Missing Humanity & Giving Back

I have all of the things in the world to entertain me, but I just want to be where the people are!

After filming this little video, I got myself up, got dressed (in a simple Flounder Bound) and went to the Red Cross to donate platelets. They were running about an hour behind which, while obnoxious for me, was good because it meant that hey had implemented new safety features (e..g fewer beds so they can be farther apart) and also meant that a lot of people were still donating! Once I was all set up, I called my mermaid bestie and we both pulled up the movie on our iPads and sat on the phone the entire time I was donating and watched The Little Mermaid together, it was awesome! (*she’s the one featured in the in-parks look below)

The Little Mermaid Outfits

The Little Mermaid In-Park Look


The Little Mermaid Ears from Gillian’s Pixie Shop • “Under the Influence” Ariel T-Shirt from The Midnight Comet • Mermaid Fanny Pack from Amazon

Instagram post about Ariel Ears from Gillian’s Pixie Shop.

Ariel Workout Outfit

GET THE LOOK *note: better pictures of this outfit are coming soon!

Shell Tank Top from Amazon • Mermaid Leggings from Amazon

Flounder DisneyBound


Aqua Sunglasses with Mickey Mouse Detail from Shop Disney Parks (similar) • Cobalt Blue T-Shirt from StitchFix (similar) • Yellow Nautical 3″ Chino Shorts from J.Crew (similar) • “Follow Your Dreams” Ariel Bangle from Disney x Alex and Ani in Disney Springs (similar) • Navy Skechers Ballet Flats from Amazon

Day 13: The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea (2000)

Without a single question, this is the best princess sequel (until Frozen 2), and there are a LOT, in case you’ve missed my posts about them, lol.

The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea Quarantivity – Turn off the TV

During this time it’s super easy to turn the tv on 24-7 and we are usually the people who watch 1-2+ hrs of tv/night, but it’s been nice to take a few nights/week to turn it off and read, play a game, or just puzzle! We played Scrabble, did a crossword puzzle from a “variety” word puzzle book, and worked on another puzzle!

The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea Outfits

“Mom Ariel” Disney Bound


Shimmery green scrunchie from the Slytherin Set from Happily Ever Hairties • Under eye face mask from Ulta (similar) • Shell Tank Top from Amazon • Mermaid Leggings from Ambrie Clothing • Hot Pink Fuzzy Robe from Ulta (similar) • Minnie Mouse Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar)

Melody DisneyBound


Sunnies from Ray-Ban • Wild Fable Puff Short-Sleeve Ribbed Cropped Top in White from Target • A New Day Satin Slip Skirt in Coral from Target (plus)• Lace-up Wedges from Sperry (similar)

Day 18: The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning (2008)

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning – Tasty Treats

Simply Royal Snack

It’s seriously the easiest snack that seems so fancy, but all of the ingredients can be found at the regular grocery store*!

Layer the following on a plate in this order (or seriously whatever order you’d like, I do it this way because then I can roll it up into a tasty finger-food.

•Drizzle Olive Oil
•Shaved Parmesan & Pecorino Romano (I use a vegetable peeler for this!)
•Freshly cracked black pepper & sea salt

*we get our Prosciutto, Parmesan, and Pecorino Romano, & Olive Oil at Costco because they’re all DOP there.

Salmon Bowl

Such a tasty dinner- we always have seafood when we watch The Little Mermaid, haha! Homemade rice pilaf on bottom, American-style sous vide cooked and cast iron finished salmon, sprouts, and avocado, simple & delicious!

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning – Outfits

BoundToWatch Mermaid LoungeLook


Shimmery green scrunchie from the Slytherin Set from Happily Ever Hairties • Sports Bra from Nike (similar) • Sweatshirt from Fabletics • Mermaid Leggings from Ambrie Clothing • Bright Blue Converse from ThredUp (similar)

I’ve gotten pretty into ThredUp during this whole quarantine, it’s a great way to clean out your old closet and earn a few extra bucks and also an awesome way to scratch that shopping itch and find cheap, nice clothes! I really loved finding these Converse sneakers, I’ve been wanting them for years, and I was able to snag these for $26.99!! ThredUp has really high standards, so I know that when I buy something, it won’t be ripped and will be really clean (something I’m too scared of to use PoshMark). I’ve made over $500 sending clothes (and shoes, and purses and…) in for resale to ThredUp, and if my clothes haven’t met their standards, ThredUp donates them for me, saving me a trip to GoodWill. My best find is a Lily Pulitzer Dress that STILL HAD ORIGINAL TAGS ON IT for $44.80!!!

If you want to buy something, click here for $10 off your first order, but if you need some extra cash or are looking to clean out your closet, click here and get a $10 bonus!

*note: this is not at all a sponsored post, ThredUp doesn’t even know I’m posting it, I just genuinely really like the site and their customer service!

Flounder DisneyBound


Mickey Mouse Sunglasses from Shop DisneyParks (similar) • Men’s Columbia PFG in Light Yellow from Amazon • 5″ Buttercup Stretch Short from Lily Pulitzer (exact short, similar color) • Bright Blue Converse from ThredUp (similar)

Bonus! Did you know there’s a Little Mermaid TV Show from the early ’90s?

A super cute show!

In all of it’s 90s glory and old school animation style, The Little Mermaid TV show has 3 seasons and is on DisneyPlus now, I swear the episodes feel so long– in a good way!! It’s a great background show, could be fun for kids to see while

Continue reading “Sometimes I Quarantine: with Ariel”

Gift Guide for your Globetrotting Gal

For the Disney Darling The Disney Darling plans visits to see Mickey at the drop of the hat, she’s already got four trips planned this year, but will jump at any discounted flight to get her booty back to Orlando or Los Angeles! The Disney Darling shops small, wears ears, eats churros, and can sing along to any ride theme music. Honestly, the best way … Continue reading Gift Guide for your Globetrotting Gal

Restaurant Review: The Boathouse

While strolling through Disney Springs on a Sunday morning in April, doing some last-minute shopping before hitting the road, I realized that I wanted a truly memorable lunch. The weather was gorgeous, and I was in the mood for some seafood. Sadly all of the restaurants serving sushi were closed, but that ended up being a wonderful accident because it meant that I got to eat at The Boathouse!

Of course, I was drawn in by the nautical themed shop which, at least at one point, was a Tommy Bahama retailer. They have the most wonderful beach-themed accessories and goodies. Definitely a must-shop, even if there’s nothing with a special mouse embroidered in sight.

Upon entering The Boathouse, I was greeted by a charming 1940s style Oyster Bar, which perfectly fit the theme of the restaurant. While it did make me crave oysters, I was much more tempted by what I saw past the bar…

They have a Dockside Bar! I walked across a dock to this adorable extension of The Boathouse and grabbed a lake-side table.


I started with a margarita…. I was ready to not have anything else to drink after the Flower & Garden Festival on Saturday,


Oysters! I love oysters. A perfect portion size for one.


The scallops on grits was INCREDIBLE! I wanted to eat every single bite, but I was so stuffed, I couldn’t finish it. The corn flavors played nicely and the scallops were perfectly seared and seasoned so the outsides were packed with flavor and the insides soft and succulent.

Where’s your favorite place to eat at Disney Springs? Tell me below in the comments!

Check out this view from my lake-side seat at The Dockside Bar
Have you ridden in one of these floating cars? I haven’t yet, but it’s definitely on my someday list!
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Where to Eat- Disney World

Welcome back! I’ve compiled a list of all of the places to dine at Walt Disney World! Inspired by Disney-grammer @DisneyAtoZ, I’m determined to someday eat at every single one of them. But for now, I’m going to have to settle for just trying a few each year. I’m linking to my restaurant reviews, and will put some notes on each restaurant below. I’m super … Continue reading Where to Eat- Disney World