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While studying abroad, I maintained a blog to share my photos and adventures with my friends and family back home. I titled it: “Bellissime Avventure” which translates to “Beautiful Adventures,” which they absolutely were. I traveled to more than 30 cities in 16 countries over 6 months. I’m sharing the posts again for the first time in six years.


About Me


I kept two sub-pages here: “Links to Pages I Love” and “Packing


I set some Goals for myself before I left and successfully hit a few of them! Some (like running) were just unrealistic.

Photo Gallery

Before leaving, I printed tons of photos so that I could put them on a gallery wall in my dorm room to look at when I got homesick.


I kept a list of all the places that I wanted to go to, a log of where I’d been, and tried to keep it updated! Eventually school caught up to me and I didn’t have as much time to update the blog as I’d hoped, but it’s pretty thorough!

Blog Posts

A Bit About My Blog


Only 20 Days to Go

So Close to Departure

Countdown to Departure


Arriving in Italy

Where to Work in Milan, Italy

Making Friends in Milan, Italy

Handling Being Sick Over Seas

Second Week in Milan, Italy

Turn, Italy

Venice, Italy

Switzerland | Also, Switzerland

Skopje, Makedonia

Tuscany, Italy

Bucharest, Romania

Leeds, England

Manchester, England

Edinburgh, Scotland

Dublin, Ireland

London, England

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain