Sometimes I Quarantine: with Venellope

Can you guys believe that Wreck It Ralph came out in 2012? I’m still surprised that it came out before Frozen. The movie is so cute, and while we all joked that she might be a princess, this was confirmed in 2018’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. I very much love that Vanellope is completely her own character and her friendship with Ralph is adorable. Wreck … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Venellope

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel

There is so much I want to say about Tangled, but oh where to begin…. Premiering in 2010 right on the heels of Princess and the Frog, I feel like Rapunzel kind of overshadowed Tiana. Not only was Rapunzel Disney’s first white princess since Belle (Belle-1991; Jasmine-1992; Pocahontas-1995; Mulan-1998; Tiana-2009), but Tiana was also Disney’s first princess in the new animation style, Tangled’s animation style … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel’s Routine & Quarantivity Tower

We probably all feel a little like Rapunzel these days, trapped in our homes, being told by Mother Gothel that the plague will get us if we leave, and going through all of our tasks and activities by 7:15… But we’ve taken Rapunzel’s spirit and come up with whole hosts of ways to stay active and entertained while on quarantine. One of the big ways … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel’s Routine & Quarantivity Tower

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Cinderella

In case you missed it, I grouped the three Classic Princesses–Snow White, Cinderella, & Aurora– into one post that you can find here! I did a super simple Cinderella DisneyBound, scrubbed the kitchen, and celebrated The Magic Factory as a maker of fine Minnie Ears. Day 15 – Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True Quarantivity – Crochet! So I’m super excited … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Cinderella

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Mulan

Mulan premiered in 1998 as Disney’s eighth princess and third multi-cultural princess, and once again: addresses the issues of gender in a way that kids can comprehend! Based on the ballad of Hua Mulan, it is said to be set sometime in the late BCE/early CE (is that still a thing? or have we gone back to calling it BC/AD?). Anyhoo, we sort of ignored … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Mulan

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Pocahontas

Airing in 1995, Pocahontas was Disney’s seventh princess, first that didn’t get a happy ending (oops, spoilers?), and first adventure princess! Premiering at the height of the renaissance of Disney Animation, Pocahontas tackled issues about race and gender in a way that kids could understand. While it didn’t spawn any rides or attractions (how do we not have a “paint with all the colors of the wind” walk-through movie experience or something??), Pocahontas definitely gave us one of the BEST soundtracks and stunning animation (for the time).

Meeting Pocahontas was definitely a highlight of my July 2018 Disney trip with my family!

Sometimes I Quarantine: With Princesses! This series within a series really started as a way for me to keep my spirits lifted while completely socially distancing. Watching the movies gave us something to do during that afternoon slump, trying to think of an activity to match gave us another (we don’t always have a matching activity, but we’re trying!), taking the movie in to account while deciding what to eat that day helps us think of fun and new ideas for food options, and doing a daily DisneyBound encouraged me to wear more than just PJs while working from home! I highly encourage the last one, it’s been super fun- if you want to see any other DisneyBound outfits that I’ve done, you can find them here!

Day 8: Pocahontas (1995)

Pocahontas Quarantivity – Coloring

I don’t have any painting supplies that I wanted to use right now, & Paint by Numbers is a great idea, but I pulled out some coloring books and just colored while watching the movie, it was super relaxing!

Pocahontas Outfits

Pocahontas In-Park Look

I think every time I do one of these posts, I have a new favorite, but seriously, they are gorgeous & sparkly without being over the top. Swipe to see the details, Pocahontas’ arm band on one ear, necklace on the other, and the leaves blowing in the wind on the center turquoise bow… I love the attention to detail and multiple references as opposed to simple color blocking. 


The Pocahontas Ears from All Ears Boutique Co. • “Can You Drink All the Colors of Wine” Pocahontas T-Shirt from The Midnight Comet 

Instagram post for Pocahontas Ears from All Ears Boutique Co.

Meeko DisneyBound / Workout Outfit

Whenever I am doing a DisneyBound of an animal or inanimate object (like Mrs. Potts) with a distant top, like the ears on an animal, I love wearing a boyband to simulate the ears, I wear these Bowbands a lot normally, bt they’re especially great for this purpose! I’ve recently joined with Chronicles of a Pixie to get y’all a 10% discount on her awesome products! The bows can slide form one side to the other, headbands area actually comfortable, and the bows can also slide off to wear just the cloth headband by itself, like I did for my Briar Rose DisneyBound. I also loved adding the sunnies with the Meeko Bound for the “mask” around a raccoon’s eyes.


Black Bowband from Chronicles of a Pixie (use code “KATY10” at checkout for 10% off) • Mickey Mouse Sunglasses from Shop Disney Parks (similar) • Meeko Plush from Shop Disney (you can also find him on Amazon) • Black Cardigan from StitchFix  (similar) • Black Sports Bra from Astoria Activewear (use code “VACAY15” to get 15% off) • High-waisted Gray Leggings from Fabletics (similar)

Flit Disneybound


Hot Pink Earrings from boutique (similar) • “Front Row” hot pink Color Intense Lipstick from Beauty Counter (similar) • Green Shirt thrifted (similar look) • White Tank Top from Madewell  • Pink Clutch from Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar) • White Jeans from Ann Taylor  •  Kelly & Katie Markel Pump in Yellow  from DSW 

Day 13: Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World (1998) – coming soon!

We can all agree that this is, hands down, the worst sequel that Disney has ever made. Not only does nobody care about the historical aspects of the movie, but it’s a huge bummer that Pocahontas and John Smith don’t end up together– AGAIN!

Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World Quarantivity – quaranTIKI

Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World – Outfit

Percy DisneyBound


Pastel Statement Necklace from J. Crew (similar) • White Peplum Tank top thrifted (similar) • White Jeans from Ann Taylor • Madison 12-Hour Pump from Banana Republic (same style similar color)

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