The Ultimate Christmas Staycay

Your December should be whatever you want it to be; but in years past, I have frequently found myself sitting around doing nothing, wishing that I made more of my holidays, did more holiday-y things, spent more time with loved ones, and filled myself with more Christmas Cheer! Whether you’re dashing off to far flung places, sailing in to the sunset, spending time with family, … Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Staycay

8 Types of Holiday Parties to Throw!

1. Glitzmas! Consider throwing a classy Christmas party and get all dolled up! His: Sport Coat | V-neck | Jeans | Loafers Her: Hair Extensions | Same Dress in Black-Silver | Champagne Corksicle | Similar Shoe 2. (a) Dinner Party Celebrate with a small group of friends and make a Christmas feast! We opted for Cassoulet & Cheesecake! 2. (b) Potluck Dinner Party Throw a … Continue reading 8 Types of Holiday Parties to Throw!

It’s the Most Productive Time of the Year

Good Morning y’all!! As you know, sometimes I travel for work, and Sometimes I Vacay. Sadly, it’s not always one or the other. I’m frequently just in Atlanta- business as usual. This time of the year, it’s so difficult to maintain an adequate level of productivity, but I do have some tips to help you on your way! 1. Holiday Shopping Take advantage of online … Continue reading It’s the Most Productive Time of the Year