Sometimes I Quarantine: with Venellope

Can you guys believe that Wreck It Ralph came out in 2012? I’m still surprised that it came out before Frozen. The movie is so cute, and while we all joked that she might be a princess, this was confirmed in 2018’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. I very much love that Vanellope is completely her own character and her friendship with Ralph is adorable.

Wreck It Ralph (2012)

Honestly you guys, I forgot how good this movie was until I rewatched it. The characters are well-developed, super cute, and even though they’re video game characters, shockingly relatable!

Wreck It Ralph Quarantivities

Matching Manicure

I felt like Vanellope would approve of this fun manicure, but the color combo was meant to match Taffyta- my fav color combo!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

A day after Easter, but how could I resist these colorful eggs (covered in glitter) to match Wreck it Ralph???

The wax crayon from Paas was crap and barely made a mark, I tried my own crayons on a few and they didn’t work either, but the glitter still made them fun! I really think I’m going to stock up next time I see Paas egg dying kits because they are SO MUCH FUN to pull out of the fridge!!

Wreck It Ralph Quarantivity – Video Games

Of course, Vanellope, Taffyta and the gang are racer drivers, so how could I resist playing MarioKart 8 on my Nintendo Switch? (*even my controllers were on theme haha).

Wreck it Ralph Outfits

Taffyta DisneyBound


Rose Gold Cap from Shop Disney Parks • “Front Row” hot pink Color Intense Lipstick from Beauty Counter (similar) • Prosecco Pink top from Lilly Pulitzer • 3″ Chino Shorts in White from J. Crew • Women’s Boat Shoe in Pink from Sperry (similar) • Light Blue and Hot Pink nail polish by Essie from Amazon

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) – coming soon!

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Rapunzel’s Routine & Quarantivity Tower

We probably all feel a little like Rapunzel these days, trapped in our homes, being told by Mother Gothel that the plague will get us if we leave, and going through all of our tasks and activities by 7:15… But we’ve taken Rapunzel’s spirit and come up with whole hosts of ways to stay active and entertained while on quarantine. One of the big ways we’re staying entertained is with our Quarantine with Princesses series where we watch a different movie each day, DisneyBound as a character from the show, coordinate an activity, and usually a food or cocktail to go along with it! I’ve also gathered plenty of more “quarantivity” ideas below!

Rapunzel’s Routine

Making a calendar and having a routine has helped us a lot during this quarantine. By Day 20 of this princess series, we had been in shelter-in-place mode (without the official order) for 27 days. So by then, we had it down pat. Once a week I draw up this little calendar (I just photo copy the outside of the one I made week 1) and get to drawing a coloring in what we’ve got planned. I mark what movie we’re watching, what my DisneyBound will be, what our workouts will be, and any other quarantivities we have planned, whether it’s dying Easter eggs, a big Zoom happy hour, a quaranTIKI, the release of Onward on DisneyPlus, whatever! The schedule making gives me something to do, and posting it up on the fridge helps us actually feel like the days are changing!

Of course, I start every day by changing out the Once Upon a Tee Shirt doodle magnet on the fridge calendar to match the day’s movie theme!

Rapunzel’s Quarantivity Tower

Honestly, I have’t really felt bored this entire quarantine–certainly no more than I would on an average Tuesday at noon when I work from home. Whenever I start to feel a little bored, I go to Rapunzel’s Quarantivity Tower!

I picked up this rolling caddy from Michael’s (exact) a few months ago to have some home office storage and also grabbed this shelving unit from Amazon at the start of all this so we’d have a place to organize our quarantivities!

So we created this sort of rule that if you’re bored you just have to get up and grab something from Rapunzel’s Quarantivity Tower– if you say you’re bored, you have to draw a card from the little jar on top and clean or organize whatever area of the house it tells you to (they’re small areas, like a specific cabinet or drawer). It’s definitely kept us from admitting boredom, and because we have to get up to get something, it’s actually making us do them!

Activity Books!

• Hand Lettered Design Starter Kit (check it out for 5% off!)
• Learn to Draw books (Mickey & Friends | Disney Princesses | Classic Characters | Villains)
• “Variety” Word puzzles books + word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. ( Variety Puzzles | Harry Potter Word Search | Disney Crossword Puzzles | Friends Word Search)
• Journal Prompt Books (creative writinggratitude and mindfulness prompts, and if you need help remember how Not to Give a F*ck or to Let that Sh*t Go, all of these links here will take you to prompt journals to help you start writing it out!)
• Coloring books designed for meditation, for enjoyment, and for stress relief (mandala coloring book |Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Coloring Book | Thomas Kinkade Disney coloring book | Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book | & my personal favorite: Fucking Adorable Animals)

Puzzles & Reading!

• Pictured are just three of our 20+ puzzles, I rotate them out after we’ve finished and usually mail the old puzzles off to friends! (Snow White Puzzle | Vintage Hawaii Puzzle | Marauder’s Map Puzzle | Harry Potter 3D Puzzle | Friends Puzzle)
• Silly Books (DisneyBound Book | Harry Potter Companion Books)
• Wedding planning books– because we still have to plan for the future even if it’s post-poned (The Knot Book of Wedding Lists)
• Books (I have a lot from Book of the Month that I’m trying to get through still!)

• Games that we can play just the two of us (Scrabble | Sushi Go | Disney Villainous | Harry Potter Labyrinth Game)
• Crafts (Disney Princess Crochet Kit | Mickey Mouse Crochet Kit | Cactus Crochet Kit | Harry Potter Oragami)
• Video Games (Portable SEGA Genesis | Nintendo Switch)

More Arts & Crafts

• Stickers galore
• Paint by Numbers (Up | Giraffe | Beachy Volkswagen)

More Electronic Entertainment!

• Bose Speaker
• Photography Equipment (Sony a6000 | Gimbal Camera Stabilizer | GoPro Hero 5| Octopus Tripod | Harry Potter Spell-Casting Toy Wand)

Coloring & Stationary

it’s so easy to get lost in technology right now, I’ve been loving keeping up with my friends like old school pen pals & putting actual colored pencil to paper! Plus, how could I do a word search without crayons??

So that’s it! That’s Rapunzel’s Quarantivity Tower! Let us know if we missed any activities in the comments below!

Sometimes I Quarantine: with Beauty & the Beast

As Disney’s fifth princess, Belle hit the big screen with new animation technology, bold classic colors, and a fierce princess. Somewhere along the way, Disney must have realized that the original film is a bit Stockholm-syndrome-y because they produced two sequels that show events throughout Belle’s kdinapped time and make their relationship seem more genuine. I will always love Beauty & the Beast and the 2017 live-action remake with Emma Watson was stunning!

Belle was my favorite princess until the modern princesses come out. It premiered a year before I was born, and my second birthday part was Belle-themed, my mom even made a Belle Birthday Cake!

Sometimes I Quarantine: With Princesses! This series within a series really started as a way for me to keep my spirits lifted while completely socially distancing. Watching the movies gave us something to do during that afternoon slump, trying to think of an activity to match gave us another (we don’t always have a matching activity, but we’re trying!), taking the movie in to account while deciding what to eat that day helps us think of fun and new ideas for food options, and doing a daily DisneyBound encouraged me to wear more than just PJs while working from home! I highly encourage the last one, it’s been super fun- if you want to see any other DisneyBound outfits that I’ve done, you can find them here!

Day 5: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Beauty & the Beast Food & Bev

I had so much tea while watching the Beauty & the Beast movies! We also ate French-feeling food, we had duck breast with cherry reduction, arugula salad with homemade Caesar dressing, duck fat potatoes, & Brussels sprouts. If anyone is interested in recipes for any of the food we’re cooking, comment on the post here, shoot me a message at @sometimesivacay, or send us an email at!

Beauty & the Beast Quarantivity – Reading

Beauty & the Beast Scrunchie from Hot Topic • Beauty and the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar) • “The Night Tiger” by Yangsze Choo from Book of the Month (you can also get it on Amazon)

Beauty & the Beast Outfits

Beauty & the Beast In-Park Look


Beauty and the Beast Ears from Ears by Emz • “Beauty and the Bottle” Belle T-Shirt from The Midnight Comet 

“Provincial Town” Belle DisneyBound

Back on February 1st, I had a 101* fever and the only thing that got me out of bed was doing this Belle DisneyBound for ColorMeMagic‘s #ColorMeValentine Series!
See the original Provincial Town Belle Bound post here.


Rose earrings from Target (similar) • Loose-fitting long-sleeveShirt from Amazon • White Puffy Vest from J. Crew (similar) • Light Blue Jeans from Banana Republic (similar) • Navy Ballet Flats – Skechers from Amazon • The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert gifted from Secret Turkey, but you can get a copy on Amazon!

Gaston DisneyBound

Back on February 1, I had a 101* fever and the only thing that got me out of bed was doing this Belle DisneyBound for ColorMeMagic‘s #ColorMeValentine Series!
See the original Gaston Bound post here.


Red Blouse from Macy’s (similar) • Black Vest from Ralph Lauren (similar) • Gold Jeans from Lilly Pulitzer (similar)

Mrs. Potts DisneyBound


Light Pink BowBand from Chronicles of a Pixie (*use code KATY10 at checkout) • White Blazer from Ann Taylor • Light Pink Shirt from StitchFix (similar) • White Jeans from Ann Taylor Kelly & Katie Markel Pump in Yellow  from DSW • Beauty and the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar)

Day 10: Beauty & the Beast: Enchanted Christmas (1997)

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas – Food & Bev

We use this recipe from Serious Eats for Provencal Tian which looks like ratatouille from the movie <3. We also made these duck fat potatoes that are so super crispy and delicious. *note: you can also make these with any animal fat!

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas : Quarantivity – Puzzle!

We do so many puzzles and we’re trying to do them with the matching movies, but they’re quite big, and to make them take longer, we don’t look at the box! While I picked this one up from Shop Disney Parks, you can find the same one here on Amazon!

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas – Outfits

Enchanted Christmas Morning Coffee Look

Lake Buena Visitors is my absolute go-to small shop for Disney Tees, I love the way they fit, and they aren’t over the top Disney and can be worn anywhere, plus they fit fantastically!


Christmas in the Kingdom Tee from Lake Buena Visitors (use code SOMETIMESIVACAY at checkout) • Beauty and the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar)

Auradon Prep DisneyBound


Glasses from Amazon • Tie from Zazzle (similar) • Milano Knit Blazer from Brooks Brothers • Non-Iron Stretch Supima Cotton Fitted Sleeveless Dress Shirt from Brooks Brothers • Mustard Yellow Skater Skirt from Amazon • Navy Ballet Flats – Skechers from Amazon • Beauty and the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar)

Day 11: Beauty & the Beast: Belle’s Magic World

Beauty & the Beast Quarantivity – Nail Art!

Beauty & the Beast: Belle’s Magic World Outfits

I’ve loved developing a routine throughout this quarantine- I get up around 6, I read, watch TV, work on the blog, and have a cup of coffee (and a cup of tea), around 7:30 Kyle & I go on a 4+ mile walk, then we get back and work, we usually have our own lunches but together while watching our daily Disney movie, then Kyle goes to the office, I do some more work, some kind of exercise (yoga/pilates/Just Dance), Kyle usually gets home between 5-6 and then we have an early dinner!

Belle’s Magic Words Look

Once Upon a Tee Shirt makes the softest shirts! I love Sarah’s doodles and have never been disappointed. Another thing I’ve loved about this series is that it’s put me into a routine!


“The Agency Book 2: The Body at the Tower” by Y.S. Lee from Barnes & Noble (you can also get it on Amazon) • Belle’s Library Book Doodle Tee from Once Upon a Tee Shirt • Navy Skater Skirt from Amazon • Beauty and the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (similar) • Nespresso Pixie Machine from Amazon

Chip DisneyBound

This was a very simple DisneyBound with the focus on the nails, I paired it with a skater skirt and a pastel statement necklace to simulate the rim of the mug


Pastel Statement Necklace from J. Crew (similar) • White Tank Top from Madewell • White Skater Skirt from Amazon • Lavender Ballet Flats from Amazon • OPI Light Pink Nail Polish from Amazon China Glaze Light Blue Nail Polish from Amazon • Aveda Gold Dusted Nail Polish (similar) • Nail Art Tools from Amazon • Beauty & the Beast Mug from Shop Disney Parks (Chip Mug)

Beauty and the Beast (2017) – coming soon!

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Sometimes I Quarantine: Quarantivities

These TikiTikiTiki tank & T-shirt from LakeBuenaVisitors were a fabulous way to support a small shop and bring a smile to our faces. They inspired us to have Quaran-TIKI. Fridays! *If you decide to buy from Maria & Chris, use code “SOMETIMESIVACAY” at checkout!

Over on Instagram, we made a whole list of things you can do while social distancing yourself or going into quarantine. Of course, I coined them “quarantivities” (if you have any fun things you’re doing these days, use the hashtag #quarantivity and I’ll share your post! *I can definitely say that I coined the term because my pic is the first one using that hashtag on insta :D! ) One of the other things I’ve been doing is having theme days, I’ve been watching a different Disney Princess movie each day and planning my outfit around that, and we also have a Quaran-TIKI every Friday night! Coming Soon! Sometimes I Quarantine: QuaranTIKI)

Lighten Up and Let Yourself be Lazy

•📺 binge watch shows (@disneyplus @hulu @netflix )
•💭 you’ve got to find ways to lighten the mood a bit, I’ve been trying to come up with fun outfits, or DisneyBounds, which are encouraging me to actually get up and get dressed, which helps me feel a bit more human! You can see all of my “Bounds” here! Coming Soon! Sometimes I Quarantine: Classic Princesses)
•🕹play video games! give yourself permission to play like 6 hours of Mario party!

Get Productive!

• set up that home office you’ve been dying for and use this as an opportunity to show your boss that you are capable of being just as productive from home!
• refresh your wardrobe. Go through your closet and either sell your clothes on PoshMark, set aside a pile to take them to Goodwill after you’ve finished quarantine, or consign them through ThreadUp. If you’re looking to update your look for spring, y’all know how much I love StitchFix and so many of my favorite pieces are from my fixes! (Note: if you’re going to get in to DisneyBounding, PoshMark and ThreadUp are great sources to find cheap pieces!)
•🧹DEEP clean your house! Dust the baseboards, launder the blankets & stuffed animals, sanitize every surface (especially things you touch like faucet handles, door knobs, remote controls, light switches)
•🔨tackle other house projects (like organizing the pantry)
• 💻 start that blog you’ve been putting off! {ColorMeCourtney has a great free series called #ColorMeClassroom that you can check out for starting your Instagram, YouTube Channel, or blog!}
•📚read through that stack of books on your nightstand!

I literally have barely read. I thought I would have done loads more of it, but I keep doing puzzles

Get Your Brain Going!

•🧩 puzzles puzzles puzzles!! {ColorMeCourtney has a great list of puzzles you can pick up on Amazon, but you’ll notice that a lot might be sold out on Amazon or Target, my secret source is Barnes & Noble!!}
• logic puzzles, crosswords, activity books, etc. are also great ways to keep your brain engaged! Take a night to turn off the TV, an duo a logic puzzle or crossword with your partner or with a friend on the phone!

Get Connected

•💌write snail mail letters to your friends! brighten someone else’s day with handmade cards & thoughtful notes
•📱FaceTime friends & family! {Coming Soon! Sometimes I Quarantine: Stay Connected While Socially Distancing Yourself}

Get Moving! Get Healthy!

Our trails are now closed, so I wrap 16 lbs around my waist now & we go for a 4 mile walk every morning.

• .. hike (if your hiking trails are open, otherwise, throw on some ankle weights or weigh down a backpack and go for a long walk around your neighborhood)! its a great way to get outside while staying 10′ away from others!
• 🧘🏼‍♀️ yoga! Find some good online videos and get your stretch on! 💪🏼 but any kind of workout! You can still go for a jog, use home weights, do body weight workouts, set up an obstacle course in your backyard, play with your pups & kids! {See Also Sometimes I Quarantine: 3 Ways to Stay Active}
*focus on your health and find healthy recipes online that still taste like you’re going out to eat!

Get Creative!

•📒 catch up on your crafting (like that scrapbook you started from a trip 2 years ago but never finished)
•🖍coloring books! pull out some old school books, or the giant page ones, or the adult coloring books!
•🍕 pizza! make your own pizza, do a quick grocery run & grab supplies to have your own pizza party!
**or perfect souffle, crack open that cookbook you got a few years ago and work your way through it!
• learn a new skill! A friend of my got a ukelele and I ordered a caligraphy book!

Get into Yourself!

•start meditating, getting introspective can be a great use of your time… although, we might all have too much time on our hands with our own thoughts in the coming weeks
•🛍 online shopping 🤑🤑🤑 (You can also shop on ThredUp (use this link to get $10 off your order!)
•🛁 home spa day! whip up a hair mas, give yourself a home mani/pedi, use up your stock pile of bath bombs & face masks! Maybe even get your partner to do a mask with you 😉

**please, if your immune system is compromised, stay home, if you’re symptomatic, stay home… but if you’re feeling well, just limit your exposure to lots of people, consider going for a socially-distanced walk, playing in your back yard, sitting on your patio with a good book**

The Ultimate Christmas Staycay

Your December should be whatever you want it to be; but in years past, I have frequently found myself sitting around doing nothing, wishing that I made more of my holidays, did more holiday-y things, spent more time with loved ones, and filled myself with more Christmas Cheer!

Whether you’re dashing off to far flung places, sailing in to the sunset, spending time with family, or rocking out at home, there’s no question that the holidays are among us.

However, there’s a good chance that you don’t have plans until we get a little closer to Christmas, and the rest of December might seem to be overwhelming or gloomy, check out my last post on how to Staycay Away the December Blues, but that’s just the first five suggestions! This time, I’m sharing my most Christmas-y suggestions to bring all of the Christmas Cheer to your home. Turn up your holiday festivities with these Xmas Staycay ideas!

Staycay Activities to do in Your Home

Bake & Decorate Christmas Cookies. Keep in mind, while you do not typically need specialty equipment to bake cookies, the process can be made extremely easier and your cookies will taste better if you have a flour sifter, a stand mixer, & a bench scraper. No matter how you choose to mix, you’ll definitely need cookie sheets, cookie cutters, and piping bags+tips for decorating.

Check out my first #SometimesIBake YouTube video!
The cookies turned out particularly great this year! I couldn’t make brown icing, so I gave the reindeer fur with chocolate sprinkles! They were my favorite looking cookies this year!

Decorate your house & Build (or add to) an Advent Calendar. Our tree is decorated with ornaments from our travels and each year we love adding new memories. There were so many things we wanted to do in Atlanta this year for the holidays, and also so much family that we wanted to visit, so we used this Advent Calendar to help ourselves destress and create a schedule for the holiday.

Binge out on some Christmas Movies. Check out All of the Christmas Movies on Disney+ Right Now! Coming soon: the Ultimate Christmas Movie Binge day!

Curl up with a Blanket and a Good Book.

With my UnHide Blanket from my FabFitFun box, and a good book, I had the perfect night!

Enjoy Wrapping Presents. Some people find it super stressful (trust me, I know them, and that’s okay!), but my favorite Christmas tradition is wrapping presents! I love the structure, the routine, and getting to wrap up surprises for people! It’s almost as good as watching them open gifts!

Everything from picking out gifts to picking the right paper to tying the final ribbon…. I love it all!

Looking for gift ideas? Check out my Gift Guide for Globetrotting Girls!

Winter Themed Puzzles. Three years ago, I bought this pack of 4 Thomas Kinkade Winter Wonderland puzzles and left it in the basement of Kyle’s parents’ house. Every year, we pull out another one and spend the week working on it throughout the week. It’s a perfect activity to do while watching a Christmas movie, if you wake up before the rest of the family, or when it’s too chilly to go outside! These are also great to do with kids!

We got about halfway through a 500-piece puzzle before the kids bailed out

Throw A Holiday Party. We loved celebrating with our friends the year at Glitzmas, Kyle’s White Elephant Party with his co-workers, baking cookies, dinner paries, and we’re still looking forward to a sweater party at the end of the year! Check out 8 Types of Holiday Parties to Throw and get inspired to host your own!

We loved Glitzmas! If you don’t know what that is- you’ll have to check out the blog post, linked above!

Get Dressed Up. Sticking around the house can be very blah- sometimes I wonder why we ever put on more than pajamas over for the week between Christmas and New Year’s! So to make my holidays more magical, I’m determined to have my Christmas outfits be DisneyBounds or Harry Potter inspired! I’m working on creating a few of my own, but you should check out ColorMeMagic by ColorMeCourtney on Instagram or on her Blog for some great holiday outfits!

My niece was taking pictures of my ElsaBound!

Turn Your Staycay into a Productive One. You should make your December whatever you want it to be, but, it can be super productive! I’ve put together 10 Ways to Make this the Most Productive Time of the Year.

Staycay with these Christmas-y Activities Around Town!

I’ve put together a list of all of the Staycay Activities to do Around Atlanta, I’ll be publishing it soon and will link it here when I do! In the meantime, you can view/follow #StaycayAtlanta on Instagram to see what we’ve been up to!

Volunteer. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t done as much volunteering as I should, and that will be one of my New Year’s Resolutions: to volunteer at least 20 hours in 2020. I know that’s not a lot, but starting small is key! Something to keep in mind: this is the most popular time of year to volunteer, so while you definitely should if this is when you have time, remember that you can do good all year long. We’re going to try to get involved with a Habitat for Humanity build next year, and if you’re in the Atlanta Area, you can visit to find a volunteer opportunity that meets your schedule.

Find an Ice Skating Rink. After spending the afternoon on the rink with my nieces, I’m reminded of how much I absolutely love ice skating! I’m definitely going to be finding more rinks around Atlanta and am going to go skating! I’m also going to be incorporating ice skating in to my winter workout routine. I can’t wait to be back in Manhattan and to get back on the Central Park Rink!

Find A Christmas Pop-Up Bar. In Atlanta, there are tons- I’m working on writing up a full review for you of the ones that I’ve experienced, but in the meantime, see if there’s a Miracle Pop-Up or Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Santa in your town or vacay destination. The W Hotels around Atlanta have all turned their bars into festive places to grab a cocktail, see if your local W has one too! Alternatively, you can make your own holiday-themed cocktails and enjoy at home!

Check out your local arts! In Atlanta, you can watch holiday movies in concert or listen to a Christmas Concert with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Fox Theater.

See if your local amusement parks have holiday nights. Nearest to Atlanta is Six Flags over Georgia which hosts Holiday in the Park, with entertainment, snack specials, and more! It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and get your adrenaline pumping. (Find your local Six Flags here!)

Take a Painting With a Twist Class. It’s a super fun girls day, good activity to do with kids, with your family, or as a date night. It’s also a great way to create holiday decorations!

Find Local Wonderlands. In Atlanta, there’s Santa’s Fantastical, an immersive wonderland for kids and adults (there’s even a themed speakeasy!)

Visit Light Spectaculars at your local Botanical Gardens. In years past, we’ve visited the botanical gardens in Nashville, which boasted phenomenal lights. Here in Atlanta, the gardens have stepped up their game this year! Check out the full Christmas in Atlanta Round-Up for more photos and videos of the garden lights.

The Botanical Gardens are one of our favorite Atlanta traditions- and the new light show on the bridge is incredible!

Spending the day, or winter break, with kids? I was lucky enough to spend an entire day with my two nieces and we wrote up a whole itinerary of holiday fun-tivities for your inspiration!

Our “chill time” was hot chocolate and classic Christmas specials on DVD!

A quick note: While many may be fortunate enough to spend Christmas (or Hanukkah, or any holiday) with loved ones, not everyone can be as fortunate, so remember to keep that in mind when discussing holiday plans with friends and coworkers, you don’t know why their plans are what they are, or what the story is behind it, just try to spread Christmas Cheer & make Buddy the Elf proud!

I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite.