Relaxing with the Reclining Buddha {Thailand- Day 4: Morning}

Sunrise at The Banyan Tree

I was having a seriously hard time sleeping. So I went down to the pool deck and caught a lovely sunrise.

Finding a ride to the reclining Buddha was no easy task, two Grab drivers cancelled because they don’t like driving in that area, then it took three taxis until one would finally take us! They all said there was terrible traffic, but we had a fine time actually getting there, it was surprisingly little traffic.

The reclining buddha statue was HUGE! 

After visiting Wat Pho, we opted to go to the backpackers’ village/street, Khao San, which was VERY reminiscent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA.

It was neat, in a “I can see why backpackers like it” kind of way. While there, I got a henna tattoo of a cute little elephant (almost a week later, it’s still here- yay!).

We also stopped for lunch at a place that clearly turns in to a night club when the sun goes down. Our plan was just to get drinks, but the menu looked good, and the food was surprisingly tasty!

Yes, these look like a normal size beer and cocktail, don’t they?! Check out this picture of me holding my “bucket cocktail” (yes, that’s actually what it’s called) for reference on the size. This cocktail was only $10.

And of course, my new favorite mode of transportation: Tuk tuk.

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Dinner at Err & the Flower Market {Thailand- Day 3: Bangkok at Night}

After an insanely busy morning with Moddy and visiting three markets before the afternoon was up, we needed a little down time at the hotel to prepare for the meal we were most excited for…..


The head chef is a woman, who has been rated as the best female chef in Asia and I can see why! Every single bite was delicious and the cocktails were perfectly crafted.

‘The Err’

Around the corner from Err is the Flower Market. In fact, Err offers a discounted Tuk Tuk ride to the market for interested couples– something we learned about after we walked to the market). Here, vendors have hundreds of thousands of flowers for sale. They were bunched in all different configurations, some premade into displays that hotels and restaurants will use today for their decorations, tons of bouquets that florists will use. It also smelled just as beautiful as it looked!

Moddy suggested that we go to the Cafe at the back of the flower market that is sort of hidden, but we were wayyy too full, maybe if we pass by that area again we will check it out.

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Shopping in Bangkok {Thailand- Day 3: Afternoon}

Our morning tour ended around 12:30 pm & with Moddy putting us on a Sky Train, completed with detailed suggestions and directions for the remainder of the day.

We started by going to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which was fascinating! I don’t think I got any pictures, I was just so engaged in shopping and wandering. The market is this massive plot with isles and rows, some covered… if you go really deep, you can find furniture shops, and dish stores. It seems like a place where locals, interior decorators, and tourists can all shop! There’s also tons of food options, but we were so stuffed from the morning at the Ladmayom Floating Market, that we couldn’t possibly imagine eating more here. We did get a bottle of funny OJ, it was super yummy!

Across the street is the Aor Tor Kor fruit market, where Moddy told us we could find the best durian in the city. Station 6/30, if you’re wondering 😁. It was surprisingly good! So many people say it’s stinky– it’s not even allowed on public transit or airplanes! But, I think it’s the outside that’s smelly, the meat of the fruit didn’t smell to us. It was pretty good!! Not my favorite, but decent for sure.

Looking forward to trying “the stinkiest fruit on earth”
Kyle trying Mangosteen for the first time
Aor Tor Kor fruit market

After such a packed morning and afternoon, we checked in to our second hotel in Bangkok, Banyan Tree Bangkok, which was lovely! (Check back later for the review)

Flower bracelet from the hote

Oof! Sorry these have taken so long to upload, everything has been so much fun, we have barely had time to sit down and look at pictures, much less upload and write about them. But we hope you’re enjoying following our adventures. Check back in later for more!

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Floating Markets {Thailand- Day 3: Morning}

Today, we hired a tour guide from With Locals. This site is so neat because you can watch videos of potential guides and pick the right one for you. I’m pretty certain we picked the first one we saw, haha. But for $50USD/person, we got a private guide for 4 hours, and 1 meal + 1 fruit salad + beverage (1/each).

Wachinee “Moddy” turned out to be incredible!!!

We met Moddy at the Sky Train station and she took us in a Taxi (our first real taxi) to the Ladymom Floating Market. It’s interesting because, unlike the larger market (which is a popular tourist destination, and far out of town), we didn’t actually buy the food on the boats, but from the dock. People were on boats selling their goods and foods from right there!

Moddy and our “captain” took us on a tour through the jungle along the canals And told us the history of the market and adjoining farms. Many are family farms that use organic farming for the fruits, fish, and other foods needed for their dishes.

Y’all… and ENTIRE passion fruit juice (I got another one on the way out)
Lotus Flower 🌺
She’s cooking Pad Thai on a boat!
Pad Thai that was cooked ON a boat and we ate it on ours!
Kyle trying Jackfruit
We’re on a boat!
Moddy was adorable & knowledgeable! She took pictures of us everywhere, which was much appreciated & very fun!
Green curry from the floating market
I don’t remember if this was round 3 or 4 of food, but we were STUFFED afterwards!
“the polite bridge” because you have to bow politely to get under it
Our green curry
Toppings for the green curry
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Chinatown {Thailand- Day 2: Nighttime}

Our first night in Bangkok was a light exhausting. We got all checked in to our first hotel, The Conrad Bangkok (using points, thanks dad!), and I instantly fell asleep, hard.

But we rallied and went out, heading toward Chinatown (Yaowarat) & Sampheng Market.

Pad Thai from the street vendors!
Pork gyoza from Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand How incredibly delicious do those look?!

After only a few bites, we were beat. To be fair, Chinatown was more than a little overwhelming. Before we left though, Kyle spotted bags of passion fruits for only 40 Thai Baht (that’s about $1.30–to put it in perspective, a single passion fruit from HEB costs $5.00). Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with passion fruits- so we bought the entire bag and ate one as soon as we got back to the hotel.

{{Chinatown taught us an important lesson about planning a trip to Thailand… you cannot just wander aimlessly!}}

We also took our first Tuk Tuk ride! It wasn’t nearly as scary as everyone made it sound. I really enjoyed it because I love going fast and feeling the wind. Kyle “pulled a Katy” and fell asleep for a second inside the Tuk Tuk 🤪.

We were back at the hotel around 22/23:00 and ready to pass out.

On Day 3, we started out with a floating market, check back in.

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Chiang Mai Part 3 {Thailand- Day 2: Morning}

We’re so terrible at sleeping in…

When we booked our return flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, we booked the earliest we could get, and because we booked so last minute, that was 15:25. I figured it would be okay because after all of the travel and the excitement of the festival, we’d be dead on our feet. Our plan was to sleep until around 9 or 10, but after getting no more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep for the past several days, we woke up before 7 😱!

Turns out, most hotels around here include a breakfast, and the meal at @Chiang Mai Hotel was pretty delicious! After eating, we wandered around the city, no destination in mind, just seeing the temples. We did try to get a smoothie, but everywhere we walked past was closed!

While wandering, we found a Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institute! Back home, I’m a federal criminal defense attorney and have been to more than a handful of prisons, I wish we had clients in facilities like these. The rainbow sign welcomes visitors to their vocational training center where women are trained in “traditional Thai massage, spa and food and beverage services.”

We also took advantage of our adorable hotel to relax poolside for a little while and enjoyed the fairy garden.

The rocky edge & cool water of the pool felt amazing on my feet (but kyle’s socked feet at the best!)

For lunch, we went to an apparently famous roast chicken place called “SP Chicken”

1/2 rotisserie chicken, papaya salad, & delicious pork ribs (which were so good, I ate them before we could snap a pic 😳)
Gotta love finding Sprite (& other pops) in foreign languages 💕

Then it was time to check out from the hotel. Kyle finally got his sticky rice & mango! (I just ordered one while mango)

After 1.5 perfect days in Chiang Mai, we treated ourselves to Mai-Tais and Piña Coladas on our way back to the airport to catch our flight to Bangkok.

And now, we’re headed back to Bangkok and we got word that our lost packs are waiting for us at the hotel– YAY!! Check back in to follow our adventures in Bangkok.

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