Sometimes I Quarantine: with Cinderella

In case you missed it, I grouped the three Classic Princesses–Snow White, Cinderella, & Aurora– into one post that you can find here! I did a super simple Cinderella DisneyBound, scrubbed the kitchen, and celebrated The Magic Factory as a maker of fine Minnie Ears. Day 15 – Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True Quarantivity – Crochet! So I’m super excited … Continue reading Sometimes I Quarantine: with Cinderella

Sometimes I Quarantine: Classic Princesses

A Snow White DisneyBound is one of the easiest ones you can do! yellow bottoms and a royal blue top, pair it with a red lip and you’ve bounded!

So I decided to watch each Disney Princess movie (even if it’s just in the background) in order of release date, and to pair that movie with a DisneyBound, activity (or a quarantivity), treat, and/or drink! Keep in mind that while going through these, I didn’t buy any of these pieces specifically for these outfits, they’re just what I had in my closet! While being on quarantine, I’m not letting myself go out to shop, but I will let myself do a little online shopping (however, these shipping dates are getting delayed, so I may be adding some items that were bought for Bound, but the Bounds below are all made from items I already owned)!

To see all 3 of my Classic Princess DisneyBounds, check out this Instagram Post, and if you want to see any other DisneyBound outfits that I’ve done, you can find them here!

Day 1: Snow White (1937)

Snow White: Quarantivity

Trading out your wardrobe or doing some cleaning is an insanely good Quarantivity!

Snow White makes me think of hard work and house cleaning! So today, I traded out my fall/winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes and did a deep clean of my closet! We also went through our pantry and front entry closet to reorganize both! It was super productive, and also took like 5 hours, so a great time-burner for Stay Home days!

Snow White: Food & Bev– I didn’t make any specific snacks for Snow White… but I did snack on an apple, that counts, right??

Snow White: DisneyBound


Red and White Striped Bowband from Chronicles of a Pixie • Cardigan from Tommy Bahama (similar)• White T-Shirt from Gap (similar) • Gold Jeans from Lilly Pulitzer (similar) • Kelly & Katie Markel Pump in Yellow from DSW • “Drunkest of Them All” T-Shirt from The Midnight CometSnow White Minnie Ears from Love and Mollica

Instagram Post about the Snow White Ears

Day 2: Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella Quarantivity: Kitchen Cleaning!

Cleaning was the BEST quarantivity, it felt so productive and I got to really deep clean.
It was super simple, but I seriously jumped right in to the cleaning!

Cinderella Food & Bev– we also didn’t make anything special for Cinderella- that’s not to say that we won’t in the future. I would recommend something with pumpkin.

Cinderella: Disney Bound


White Turban Headband from Amazon (similar)• Black Choker from Hot Topic • Denim Blouse thrifted (similar)• 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Brinville Wash: Button-Front TENCEL™ Denim Edition from Madewell • Silver sandals from StitchFix (exact) • “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boozed” T-Shirt from The Midnight Comet • Cinderella Ears from The Magic Factory

Instagram post about Cinderella Ears

Day 3: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Sleeping Beauty: Quarantivity
Exercise & Nap

I loved my themed workout outfit, complete with Chronicles of a Pixie Pink BowBand. Lilly Pulitzer pink zip-up Luxletic jacket, Fabletics cropped legging, and even matching ShopDisney Maleficent Mug!

Sleeping Beauty Food & Bev– again, too soon in the process to start planning our foods around the movies, we’ll get there someday. I think we might try to come up with an actually well-balanced cocktail for each princess!

Sleeping Beauty: DisneyBound


Black Bowband (with bow slipped off) from Chronicles of a Pixie • Non-Iron Stretch Supima Cotton Fitted Sleeveless Dress Shirt from Brooks Brothers • 41 Hawthorn Maizey Essential Crewneck Pullover from StitchFix • Tribal Fia Printed Trouser from StitchFix • Oxfords from leather market in Florence (similar) • “Sipping Beauty” T-Shirt from The Midnight CometSleeping Beauty Ears from Wishing 4 Wonderland

Instagram post about Sleeping Beaty Ears

Thanks for reading along! Which Bound is your favorite?

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