Halloween Accessories

I’ll be honest, Halloween’s never been my favorite holiday, I’ve loved dressing up for parties, witches are the best, and I’m a total candy-holic… but, spooky and gory and scary movies are not my jam, people tend to decorate too early, like August early, and I just think Christmas is the superior holiday.

This year though, I’ve gotten a little more into the spirit mostly thanks to some basic accessories.

I’ve worn this candycorn scrunchie almost every day since September 1 & often pair it with this Halloween splatter headband with removable bow–both from Marvelous Darling Designs. Tara also has some new headbands that look like dragon or snake skin and flecked with Gold- I’m still trying to decide which color I want–haha.

This year, I learned about a fantastic small shop: Ellie and Mae, Shop Here, or see the whole collection on Instagram! Ellie and Mae makes quality tee shirts and this Boo to You tee is adorable, soft, and a seriously quality print, the details are adorable, and there’s almost always a hidden mickey!

While not strictly Halloween– I mean, Harry Potter is a year-round love– this Lake Buena Visitors Deatheaters Concert Tee is one of the best quality products I’ve ever purchased- actually, all of my LBV products are really nice, but specifically this Deatheaters tee is insanely detailed and beautifully washed to look like a distressed concert tee. If you prefer more traditional Halloween designs, check out this Nightmare Before Christmas, Midnight Villains Club, & Dr. Facilier Voodoo Emporium tees!

I’ve been wearing this My Witch World hat literally three days a week all of July! You can pick up your own Modern Witch Hat for $24.95 and it is sooo worth it. The hat fits securely, is insanely soft, and is going to be incorporated into my costume.

These spiderweb Minnie Mouse ears from Marvelous Darling Designs are actually GLOW IN THE DARK–how cool is that?! I’ve worn them a LOT already and I have’t even gotten to do much Halloween stuff yet. I’m super impressed with Tara’s Halloween lineup! Checkout her fabric spiderweb ears, fabric Jack & Sally Nightmare Before Christmas ears, and fabric spooky ears! I also just got her new Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas resin ears that are also glow in the dark and I’m STOKED! Use “KATY15” at checkout to safe 15% on your ears purchase!!

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