It all started with this TIKI TIKI TIKI tank & tee from Lake Buena Visitors

Kyle’s been a big fan of Hawai’i since his childhood family vacations, me? I fell in love with Lilo & Stitch while visiting my aunt in 2002. Since taking a law school graduation celebration trip to the islands, we’ve tried to incorporate the aloha spirit more into our lives. Last year, we even hiked the infamous NaPali coast and got engaged on the phenomenal Kalalau Beach!

When COVID-19 came to the states and we decided to lock ourselves down pretty hard, we realized that we had two options: we could look like this every day and never get truly dressed and order pizza, orrrrr…

we could make the most of it!

and so our quaraTIKI nights were born! Every Friday we put on some tropical attire and making delicious island-inspired foods!

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We always make a themed meal, put on our tropical attire, and make some tiki cocktails. We’re working on putting together some great recipes to share with y’all! Every Friday since mid-March, we’ve enjoyed uplifting our weekends with this little tradition, and now we’ve definitely gone down a major rabbit hole of kitsch and tiki culture (reading about it has been so fascinating!). Stay tuned for more ❤