Holiday Gift Guides – 2020 Edition

Wrapping gifts is one of my all-time favorite holiday traditions! Last year I shared several gift guides for the Globetrotting Gal, but in 2020, very few of us are getting to trot around the globe, so instead, I’ve put together the ultimate gift guides for all of us along with a few new categories: the QUARANTINE QUEEN, PLUSH PRINCESS, COCKTAIL CUTIE, FABULOUS FOODIE, & MULTITASKING MAMA!

These lovely ladies will be joining last year’s categorical gift guides for the: “Disney Darling,” “Eco Explorer,” “Resort Relaxer,” “Fitness Fanatic,” “Destination Diva,” “Boss Lady,” “Frequent Flier,” “Budget Babe,” “Gram Girl,” and “Local Tourist.” I know these sound like pretty feminine categories, but it’s just because I’m girly- I tried to find fairly unisex gift ideas, so you can pick these up for anyone on your Nice list this year!

I know this is a bit late, so let’s say this year’s guide is for the Last-Minute Lucy. I’ve also checked every link and I will say that most products are scheduled to arrive by Christmas if ordered before December 18. Not to worry though, these gift ideas are still fabulous for your friends’ birthdays and other holidays throughout the year! Disclaimer: some of the products below are shared with affiliate links which means that I get a small commission at no cost to you.

So let’s get shopping!!!

Quarantine Queen

The Quarantine Queen has been crushing quarantine, she’s got a new fitness routine, learned to bake better than Paul Hollywood, powered through her whole library of books, and rocks the home office. She’s also the master of social distancing and keeping in touch without touching.

Go Big~ grab a FaceBook Portal for your Queen so she can video chat with everyone while staying in her bubble • In the Middle~ try something good for her kitchen like a pressure cookerA Little Gift ~ find out what kinds of books she’s been reading and pick up the next one in the series, or a gift card for $15 designated to be spent on books would be awesome! Click here for more ideas!

Plush Princess

The Plush Princess adores that she can live in sweats and slippers during 2020, but she’s not lazy, she’ll make sure her sweatshirt supports a good cause and she’s never without mascara. The Plush Princess has managed to survive quarantine by knowing it’s all about balancing the madness that is 2020 with some quality self-care. She’s maybe had to figure it out… there’s a solid chance that the Plush Princess in your life is also the princess of Anxiety and coping mechanisms.

Go Big ~ a weighted stuffed animals like this Moon Pal (35% off now), and/or combination of this wearable blanket poncho, her favorite bottle of wine, the next book in her fav series (or mix it up and gift her your favorite book), make a whole home plush kit • In the Middle ~ check out these insanely comfy feety-sweatpants from FeejaysA Little Gift ~ put together a spa kit with a few face masks or bottles of nail polish, customize the gift to fit her preferences and your budget!

Cocktail Cutie

The Cocktail Cutie has gotten really into mixology over the last 8 months, she know’s there’s better drinks out there than White Claw and has all the time in the world to make the perfect cocktail!

Go Big ~ Grab your Cutie a nice bottle of rum or her favorite booze, pop in to your local fancy liquor store and explain to the guy at the store that you’re looking for a big gift • In the Middle~ if she’s just starting to get in to mixology, put together a cocktail making kit with this Boston Shaker Set, Jigger, and Citrus ReamerA Little Gift ~ go for a cocktail book! If she’s into tiki drinks, I recommend Smuggler’s Cove, if you’re not quite sure, you cannot go wrong with One Bottle Cocktail!

Disney Darling

The Disney Darling plans visits to see Mickey at the drop of the hat, she’s already got four trips planned this year, but will jump at any discounted flight to get her booty back to Orlando or Los Angeles! The Disney Darling shops small, wears ears, eats churros, and can sing along to any ride theme music. This year she maybe hasn’t gotten to visit the Castle as much as she would have liked, but if she is visiting frequently, you can’t go wrong with some Mickey Mouse masks & on-theme hand sani! Or really anything for her favorite Character or Mickey holiday gear to get her through the season!

Go Big ~ honestly, all of us Disney-lovers are just counting down until we can totally safely return to the Happiest Place on Earth, I would absolutely love a Disney Gift Card. It’s hard to buy something for someone’s hobby, but this is always a solid option for either a ShopDisney shopping spree or $119 could cover a day in Magic Kingdom • In the Middle ~ Bring the Disney Resorts home for your Darling with this Sea Marine and Sea Salt essentials kit, full size versions of the products in the resort rooms. • A Little Gift ~ • a few of these themed face masks, a pin set of her favorite character (30% off site wide at Box Lunch!), or a coin purse– perfect to hold her pass, ID, & credit card when she can finally go to the parks!

Eco Explorer

The Eco Explorer doesn’t only thrive in nature, she can appreciate the finer things too, but all the while, she understands the impact that travel has on Mother Nature and knows that using straws can harm our precious marine life. Get your Eco Explorer some travel accessories that will help minimize her affect on planet earth.

Go Big ~ find out if she needs a new camping backpack or hiking boots and get her a gift card to REI, Amazon, or Dick’s so she can pick it up! Serious campers are pretty picky, so unless you know they want a specific thing, I would suggest a gift card over the actual backpack. • In the Middle ~the Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch is perfect for an Eco Explorer who’s probably spent a little extra time in parks and on beaches this year • A Little Gift ~ a bamboo utensil set is great for camping! Bonus, she might even keep this with her if she ever gets to go back to a food festival so she’s not using 15 plastic forks!

Resort Relaxer

The Resort Relaxer has one mission and one mission only, to maximize her relaxation factor. Whether it’s poolside at a 5-star resort, or on her favorite panhandle beach, the Resort Relaxer knows how to tune out the world and soak up the sun. This year she’s probably avoiding resorts, so help her make a resort environment at home– some cocktail umbrellas, an ocean-size noise machine, and all of the beach rom-coms!

Go Big ~ bring the scents of resort life home with a ceramic wax melter, liners, and her favorite scents, if she likes beaches, try ocean mist, if she likes the ski lodge, try a fire side scent • In the Middle ~ a UV lamp will definitely help keep the winter blues away this year • A Little Gift ~ realistically, she’s probably just super bummed that she can’t be at resorts & might want to shut out the world for a bit, a silk eye mask will definitely help her do that!

Fitness Fanatic

The Fitness Fanatic really enjoys getting to know a new city by jogging through it, maybe she travels a lot for work and want to stay fit on the road… but this year, she’s developed a whole new routine, see if there’s anything you can get her to supplement her home gym, or find out her favorite online glass and gift her a few months subscription!

Go Big ~ a mini treadmill that even fits in an apartment would be a great gift since it’s getting colder and colder and harder to workout outside! • In the Middle ~ a ClassPass gift card so she can take boutique fitness classes from her living room is a great gift- to make these living room workouts even better, pick up this pilates stick & band set! • A Little Gift ~ no matter how many resistance bands I have, it’s never enough, or help her stay on top of her water intake with this gallon Bottle Joy!

Destination Diva

The Destination Diva is all about getting as many passport stamps as possible! She can discuss Manhattan museums, European countrysides, Asian street food, and South American mountains with the best of ‘em. She knows that having the perfect passport cover and crossbody bag are imperative for any day out. Sadly her destinations this year have included the backyard and local park. Help your Diva relive her previous travels, look forward to more in the future, or bring home the best memories!

Go Big~ a travel gift card (like for Airbnb) so she can book her next experience, or so she can find a unique stay in her home town! • In the Middle~ put together a scrapbook kit to help her commemorate previous trips with a scrapbook, deluxe photo printer, & a set of glue runners. • A Little Gift~ with a cookbook from her favorite country or vacation, she can relive the culinary adventure at home! High on Kyle’s list are books with recipes from Italy, Vietnam, China, and Hawai’i!

Boss Lady

The Boss Lady’s one busy gal, whether she’s running her own firm, crushing it in conference rooms, managing multiple media accounts, she keeps her schedule tight. Consider gifts to help with her productivity or to manage stress. If she’s old school (like me) consider a paper planner and a nice set of pens, if she’s in to technology, consider Timeular, a six-sided pyramid to help with time tracking and management, or noise cancelling headphones to keep our background sounds. If she’s a bit of a stress cadet (also like me) consider a set of travel size candlesbubble bath, or adult coloring book (like this silly one, or this one which doubles as a gift for you Disney Darling). This year, she’s probably been overrun or rocking the home office– either way, a Container Store gift card is the perfect gift for the Boss Lady in your life!

Go Big ~ go real big with some intense noise cancelling headphones like these from BoseA Little Gift~ if she enjoys reading and has time to, she’ll probably like something that encourages being a Boss Lady and a bit of our history in the bad ass work place, Because of Sex is perfect! Get even more ideas here!

Budget Babe & Frequent Flier

The Budget Babe and the Frequent Flier are two sides of the same coin.  While both travel as often as possible, the Frequent Flier sticks with her fave airline and will pay the extra penny, she racks up miles and knows when to use them. On the other hand, the Budget Babe does not fear the stiff seats and personal item limitation, she is an expert at hunting down deals and gathering big savings! Both have probably had some travel withdrawals this year, consider gifting an airline gift card for future travels, or a guidebook to her home state. This year we’re all discovering that there’s more to explore in our own backyards than we ever realized before!

Go Big ~ travel gift certificates are a solid option for anyone (Southwest is still blocking out middle seats!) • A Little Gift ~ National Geographic’s book on 5000 ideas for what to do in the states!

Be cautious of gifting big travel accessories to the Budget Babe, there’s a good chance she only takes a personal item with her on most trips! Your Frequent Flier on the other hand probably has so much status that she can check bags on bags for free- she could also probably use a new luggage piece (but both women are likely to be picky about their luggage, so maybe go shopping together or gift some cash earmarked for that purpose!

Gram Girl

The Gram Girl will do anything “for the ‘gram”- she’ll step out to any ledge, taste any food, and hop on any midnight flight if it means getting that next great shot!

Go Big with memory makers such as an adventure camera like a GoPro or a selfie stick/ gimbal that doubles as a tripod • In the Middle ~ treat your Gram Girl to some editing software light Adobe LightroomA Little Gift ~ a lit LuMee phone case to make selfies pop; or a handheld ring light to improve even the darkest of food photos!

Local Tourist

The Local Tourist is one of the most adventurous spirit out there! She may like staying close to home, but she’s no homebody- she likes exploring unique eats, botanical gardens, nearby hikes, and finding fun places for a GNO! Look up some fun restaurants in her neighborhood for a gift card – I recommend seeing if you’re in the city where there’s a Ford Fry restaurant! Personally, I have so much fun doing Painting with a Twist (they’re doing a good job keeping classes limited, distancing groups, and requiring masks the whole time) with my girlfriends!

Try finding new activities for her to try, tickets to the local botanical garden, food festivals, theme parks, museums, aquariums, and more! Search #Staycay + City on Instagram for activities to feel like you’re on vacation! Check out #StaycayAtlanta here!

Fabulous Foodie

The Fabulous Foodie has definitely missed exploring the world through local cuisine, and take out just doesn’t cut it– but she has loved getting into cooking at home! Pick up some cook books, appliances, or an Epicurious/ NYTimes Cooking subscription!

Multitasking Mama

The Multitasking Mama has been put through the wringer in 2020, her whole schedule has gone out the window (probably several times!) and more than ever she’s a bad ass: chauffeur, chef, maid, nurse, therapist, gym coach, teacher, and very likely also a Boss Lady! Treat your Multitasking Mama to some personal time, bath bombs, gifts to keep her kids entertained, and most definitely WINE!

Thank you all for tuning in, happy shopping!!

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